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Fluminalis Church Interiors is one of the largest suppliers of antique, reclaimed and salvaged church antiques in Europe. We always have in stock a large choice of reclaimed, salvaged and antique pulpits. Pupits come in a variety of types of wood,stone,marble,brass and iron; the most common wooden pulpits we manage to salvage come in pitch pine,pine and oak with mahogany and other woods making an occasional appearance. Pulpits also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We usually have in stock the wine glass or tub type pulpit,(these can be round,square,hexagonal or octagonal) which will often have a stairs to one side or can be built arround a column at the start of the nave. We reclaim smaller pulpit fronts and larger rostrums or rostrum pulpits (more often from Methodist or Non-Conformist churches, a wider centrepiece structure, often with steps to one or both sides and an Elders  seat in front). As well as material,styles vary. The most common pulpit style we reclaim is gothic (most of our church reclamation is salvaged from Victorian churches and so is of the fashion in those days for the Gothic Revival). We also usually have pulpits in stock of Romanesque, Neoecclesiastical furnishings,fixtures and fittings and church furniture in Holland and have a reputation for being the largest supplier of Gothic woodwork in Holland, if not Europe as well.

A church building is far more than simply a box for "reliqious" activity. it is a place for significant reliqious experiences. Because of this, when parishes and churches are renovating a historic building or constructing a new one, they turn to Fluminalis for unmatched expertise in liturgical design. One of the biggest dilemmas faced by those undertaking a reliqious construction project is the overwhelming abundance of pour design. Coupled with inexperience and craftsmanship, its a  recipe for disappointment, maybe even disaster. Fluminalis personnel provide the finest proposals through hand drawn cartoons, cad software drawings, and free hand pencil sketches allowing our clients to see our vision and fulfill theirs. These services are offered for new or renovating interior projects as well as custom crafted items such as beautiful figural stained glass windows and hand carved wood furnishings and marble furnishings. We custom design more than 70% of our customer s spaces, showing them the breadth of whats possible, from concept to completion. We offer innovative design services and fine reliqious artifacts from our extensive inventory-the world s largest- to traditional and contemporary churches across and throughout the world. Fluminalis has become honored to be involved in church interior design with our clients. Our expertise and passion for traditional church interiors is crucial for our clients when choosing to work with our personnel, thereby ensuring a worship facility that will inspire many for generations to come. After having worked with countless parishes supplying their need for artifacts, we have found ourselves now assisting them in their interior design as well, as our products are the most important part of their project. With our creative and traditional designs, we specialize in both new construction projects and churches that are planning a renovation or historic reproduction. Due to the fact that we visit, study,design, and enhance hundreds of churches every year, our experience is unmatched. Furthermore, our passion for creating traditional inspiring spaces through our experience and vision always exceeds our clients expectations. Whether you are working with an architect,general contractor,or handling your project yourself, Fluminalis can help you create beautiful worship space that will inspire devotion for generations to come. For any further questions please contact us.

All our antiques are sold on an “as is” basis. We endeavour to include all relevant detail within the description and the images shown. However any statement by ourselves as to the origin, age, provenance, and condition is a statement of opinion and not a statement of fact. The absence of any description pertaining to condition does not imply that the piece is free from any damage or restoration. A more detailed statement on condition can be done on request. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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